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, Volume 12, Issue 6, pp 2233–2240 | Cite as

Luminescent properties of codoping Y2O3: Eu, Me (Me = Mg, Ca) nanorods

  • Zhilong Liu
  • Qin Wang
  • Yuming Yang
  • Chunyan Tao
  • Hua Yang
Research Paper


Phosphors of nanorods Y2O3: Eu (Mg, Ca) have been prepared by the hydrothermal method. The effect of Mg, Ca co-dopants on the Y2O3: Eu phosphor photoluminescence (PL) property was investigated. Upon excitation with ultraviolet (UV) irradiation, it is shown that there is a strong emission at around 610 nm corresponding to the forced electric dipole 5D07F2 transition of Eu3+. At a certain concentration, Mg, Ca ions’ doping effectively enhanced the luminescent properties of Y2O3: Eu3+ nanorods and did not change the cubic phase of the host. The structure of Y2O3: Eu3+ (Mg, Ca) phosphors was characterized by X-Ray diffraction (XRD). From XRD patterns, it is indicated that the phosphor Y2O3:(Eu, Ca) forms without impurity phase. From SEM, TEM images, it is shown that the crystal size of the nanorods phosphors is about 1–2 μm in length and 30–50 nm in diameter.


Y2O3 Eu Luminescence Codoped Mg Ca Nanorod 



This work is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.


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  • Zhilong Liu
    • 1
  • Qin Wang
    • 1
  • Yuming Yang
    • 1
  • Chunyan Tao
    • 1
  • Hua Yang
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  1. 1.College of ChemistryJilin UniversityChangchunPeople’s Republic of China

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