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Response to the Letter to the Editor

  • Michael Kaszuba
Editorial Comment

This response refers to the letter to the editor about the paper “Measuring sub nanometer sizes using dynamic light scattering” by Kaszuba, McKnight, Connah, Watson and Nobbmann, in J Nanopart Res 10, 823–829 (2008)

Dear Professor Shaw,

The authors wish to thank Professor Xu for his interest in our article. We appreciate his vast experience in particle characterization and hope that the detailed remarks below will help clarify any ‘puzzling inconsistencies’ left in the mind of the reader.
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    The abstract directly states how these values were obtained. “The peak means (with standard deviations) obtained for the intensity and volume data from a series of sucrose concentrations, ranging from 5 to 35% w/v, were measured as…” The authors agree that this finding could have been even more obvious if the mean and standard deviations had been added as the last line in Table 2. While the authors make no assertion that such averaging would not be suitable for colloidalsystems, the authors...

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