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Optically addressable selective nanovolume Raman spectroscopy of nanoparticles



We present recent experimental and theoretical advances in the selective nanovolume Raman spectroscopy of nanoparticles. Our setup is based on previously available microspectrometry imaging systems for working in the near-field domain combined with a stigmatic solid immersion lens. By spectrally selecting nanoparticles, we registered the spatial distribution of the emitted photons in x, y, z vectors to determine the position in the near-field domain. This near-field capability is applied to resolve local variations unambiguously in the Raman spectra for nanoparticles with unity throughput.


nanovolume Raman scattering nanofocusing near-field colocalising nanoparticles selective spectroscopy signal processing colloids 


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  1. 1.Inst. des Mat. Jean Rouxel – CNRS, Univ. de NantesNantes cedex 03France

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