Correction to: Complexity-theoretic aspects of expanding cellular automata

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Correction to: Natural Computing

In the original publication, certain mathematical formulas were rendered incorrectly or are missing from the text.

The first sentence of Definition 2 (p. 3, left column) should read: “Let \(V = \{x\} \cdot \{0,1\}^+\) and for \(L \in \{\textsf {SAT}, \textsf {TAUT}\}\).”

In the third paragraph in the proof of Proposition 9 (p. 6, right column), the sentence “The behavior for [...]” should read: “The behavior for is analogous, with A emulating the XCA for \(\textsf {TAUT}\) instead (and with exchanged accept and reject states, accordingly).”

In the proof of Proposition 12 (p. 8, left column), in the sentence “Lemma 11 together with [...],” the formula “ ” is to be replaced with “ ”.

The original article has been corrected.

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