Distributed finite frequency fault detection observer design for spatially interconnected time-delay systems with interconnected chains


This paper proposes an \(H_{-}/H_{\infty }\) fault detection observer method for a class of spatially interconnected time-delay systems (SITSs) with interconnected chains in finite frequency domain. As one of the main contribution, a delay-dependent generalized Kalman–Yakubivich–Popov (GKYP) lemma for SITSs with interconnected chains is proposed. Based on the giving GKYP lemma, sufficient conditions for the existence of the observers to guarantee the fault sensitivity and disturbance robustness in finite frequency domain are presented. Finally, an example is provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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This work is supported by the Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation of PR China under Grant No. BK20171019 and the Science Start-up Foundation of Nanjing Institute of Technology under Grant No. YKJ2019105.

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  • Finite frequency
  • Fault detection
  • Time-delay
  • Spatially interconnected systems