Observer-based Fault Detection and Isolation for 2D State-space Models

  • Mauro Bisiacco
  • Maria Elena Valcher
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In this paper, the fault detection and isolation problems for two-dimensional (2D) state-space models are investigated, both when no disturbances affect the system and when they actually do. Basing on some old results about dead-beat observers [Bisiacco, M. (1986) IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, AC-31, 676–680] and on some recent results about dead-beat unknown input observers (UIOs) (for 2D systems affected by disturbances) [Bisiacco, M. & Valcher, M. E. (2004) International Journal of Control 77(9), 861–876], we develop a complete theory of dead-beat (possibly unknown input) observer-based fault detectors and isolators (FDIs). Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a dead-beat observer-based FDI or for the existence of a dead-beat UIO-based FDI are derived, and constructive procedures for obtaining such FDIs are described in detail.


Two-dimensional (2D) system Dead-beat 2D observer Finite impulse response filter Unknown input observer (UIO) Fault detection and isolation (FDI) Observer-based fault detection and isolation 


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