Flexible architecture for real-time synchronized processing of multimedia signals


Simultaneous processing of multiple multimedia appears in many applications. However, there is a lack of a generalized hardware platform that fits all application needs from the number to the format of the input and output multimedia. The processing is also associated with synchronization problems such as startup delays and deviating frame rates of the multimedia. This paper presents a flexible platform with co-design of hardware and software for the applications specific needs. On the hardware side, it presents modular and scalable architecture that considers: the required number of input and output multimedia signals, the mixed analog and digital multimedia signals and their processing hardware components crosstalk to minimize the signal-to-noise ratio on the platform, and finally the low power consumption. On the processing side, a synchronization module is proposed and efficiently implemented to handle the startup delays and the deviating frame rates of the input multimedia signals. The system hardware and software were implemented for two case studies. A case study for fusion of multimedia signals of different modalities (visible and near infra-red (RGBN)), that is needed for modern smart phone cameras, is presented. Another case study for producing a 4K format required for larger displays is included, that stitches 9 high-definition videos simultaneously. The multimedia pipeline: decoding, processing, encoding were all realized and implemented successfully. The system performed in real-time of 30 frames per second. The platform end-to-end signal-to-noise ratio where above 56 and reaching 102 decibels, and the power consumption was below 2 Watts, making it suitable for real-time embedded multimedia systems.

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  • Multimedia simultaneous processing
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