Radiological image retrieval technique using multi-resolution texture and shape features


Medical image analysis plays a very indispensable role in providing the best possible medical support to a patient. With the rapid advancements in modern medical systems, these digital images are growing exponentially and reside in discrete places. These images help a medical practitioner in understanding the problem and then the best suitable treatment. Radiological images are very often found to be the critical constituent of medical images. So, in health care, manual retrieval of visually similar images becomes a very tedious task. To address this issue, we have suggested a content-based medical image retrieval (CBMIR) system that effectively analyzes a Radiological image’s primitive visual features. Since radiological images are in gray-scale form, these images contain rich texture and shape features only. So, we have suggested a novel multi-resolution radiological image retrieval system that uses texture and shape features for content analysis. Here, we have employed a multi-resolution modified block difference of inverse probability (BDIP) and block-level variance of local variance (BVLC) for shape and texture features, respectively. Our proposed scheme uses a multi-resolution and variable window size feature extraction strategy to maintain the block-level co-relation and extract more salient visual features. Further, we have used the MURA x-ray image dataset, which has 40561 images captured from 12173 different patients to demonstrate the proposed scheme’s retrieval performance. We have also performed and compared image retrieval experiments on Brodatz and STex texture, Corel-1K, and GHIM-10K natural image datasets to demonstrate the robustness and improvement over other contemporaries.

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The author Mr. Sumit Kumar (Admission No: 2015DR0056) is supported by the institute Ph.D. scholarship, IIT[ISM] Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India. The author Prof. Muhammad Khurram Khan acknowledges that his work is supported by Researchers Supporting Project number (RSP-2020/12), King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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  • Modified block difference of inverse probability (BDIP)
  • Block level variance of local variance (BVLC)
  • Content based image retrieval (CBIR)
  • Radiological image retrieval
  • Multi-resolution texture and shape features