Exploring a novel fusion-scheme based on mathematical equation system for encryption-image algorithm


Exploring the conception of robust encryption techniques for the security of digital images is a permanent necessity due to the existence of the Internet where sending and receiving information to establish communication is a high priority activity. Encryption process is carried out by data transformation, i.e. shuffled or scrambled, so that the information can not be read by an unauthorized receiver and it can exclusively be decrypted using valid-keys. In this paper, a novel fusion-scheme based on mathematical equation system for encryption-image algorithm is explored. In order to do that, numerical pixels are introduced in a system of equations for fusing images with three different private-keys. In addition, classical tests between original and encrypted images such as correlation coefficient, number of changing pixel rate (NPCR), unified average changed intensity (UACI) and entropy have been carried out to support the effectiveness of image fusion for image encryption.

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  • Encryption image
  • Linear equation system
  • Fusion image
  • Statistics attack