A study on operational ability comparing drone-centric and user-centric control in external piloting


Drone manipulation can be divided into external piloting and internal piloting. Internal piloting is a technique where a user monitors the status of a drone and controls it. On the other hand, external piloting is a technique in which the user controls a drone from the point of view of the user. In this case, external piloting can cause the operator to make a mistake regarding the operation of the drone due to the difference in viewpoint between the user and the drone when operating the drone. Therefore, this paper proposes a method to solve this difficulty of drone operation by mismatching the viewpoint between the drones and the users. We compare the user-centric method of con-trolling the drones considering the user’s point of view and the drone-centric method of controlling the drones considering the drone’s point of view. Through this experiment, we demonstrate the excellence of a user-centric point of view. Additional study includes whether the difficulty of drone manipulation can be overcome by learning.

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  • Drone piloting
  • User-centric
  • Drone-centric
  • External piloting
  • Operational ability
  • Learning effect