Designing S-boxes triplet over a finite chain ring and its application in RGB image encryption


In this article, we have developed an encryption technique to encrypt any kind of digital information. The main work is to construct the component of the block ciphers namely the substitution boxes (S-boxes) over an algebraic structure of finite chain ring; and then use these S-boxes in image encryption applications. The present formation is based on the finite commutative chain ring R9 = 2 + uℤ2 + … + uk − 12 (module over itself) which is exactly twice of 256. The multiplicative group of unit elements of R9 precisely has 256 elements and the set of all nonunit elements in R9 forms a submodule of module R9 consisting of 256 elements. By using this point we initiate a new 8 × 8 S-box triplet generation technique which addresses the group of units of R9 and the submodule of R9. This new construction technique of S-boxes ensures random values in the area of the initial domain of transformation. The proposed S-boxes have been examined by algebraic, statistical and texture analyses. A comparison of the expected and existing S-boxes reveals that the proposed S-boxes are comparatively better and can be used in the well known ciphers. Another goal of this work is to suggest an encryption technique for colored (RGB) images based on permutation keys and triplet of newly generated S-boxes. The outcomes of the security, statistical and the differential analyses have proved that our scheme is better for the image encryption.

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