CryptoCT: towards privacy preserving color transfer and storage over cloud



Current trend toward cloud computing coupled with emerging technologies such as high definition images/videos and 360-degree videos, has led the requirement of performing color transfer remotely by third party servers. However, users are always concerned about storing and processing their personal images over the cloud. Addressing this problem, we propose CryptoCT, a novel approach for privacy preserving color transfer and storage over third party cloud infrastructures. Paillier cryptosystem is employed in a manner that secret images can be processed for color transfer without revealing any information. Unlike the previous methods which involve multiple cloud servers, we use a single cloud server to accomplish the task of encrypted domain color transfer. We show that same color transfer effects as of the existing methods in plain domain are achieved in encrypted domain using our approach. To the best of our knowledge, CryptoCT is among the first known ventures to perform the task of color transfer in encrypted domain. Experimental results and security analysis validates the correctness of our approach.


Color transfer Homomorphic encryption Encrypted domain processing Cloud computing 



This work was supported by Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) Project (phase II), Deity, Government of INDIA.

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All authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest regarding the publication of this manuscript.


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