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2D and 3D shape retrieval using skeleton filling rate

  • Yahya Sirin
  • M. Fatih DemirciEmail author


As an increasing number of digital images are generated, a demand for an efficient and effective image retrieval mechanisms grows. In this work, we present a new skeleton-based algorithm for 2D and 3D shape retrieval. The algorithm starts by drawing circles (spheres for 3D) of increasing radius around skeletons. Since each skeleton corresponds to the center of a maximally inscribed circle (sphere), this process results in circles (spheres) that are partially inside the shape. Computing the ratio between pixels that lie within the shape and the total number of pixels allows us to distinguish shapes with similar skeletons. Experimental evaluation of the proposed approach including a comprehensive comparison with the previous techniques demonstrates both effectiveness and robustness of our algorithm for shape retrieval using several 2D and 3D datasets.


Shape recognition Shape retrieval Earth mover’s distance 2D and 3D skeleton 


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