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HEVC-based lossless intra coding for efficient still image compression

  • Abhilash AntonyEmail author
  • Sreelekha G


Latest advancements in capture and display technologies demand better compression techniques for the storage and transmission of still images and video. High efficiency video coding (HEVC) is the latest video compression standard developed by the joint collaborative team on video coding (JCTVC) with this objective. Although the main design goal of HEVC is the compression of high resolution video, its performance in still image compression is at par with state-of-the-art still image compression standards. This work explores the possibility of incorporating the efficient intra prediction techniques employed in HEVC into the compression of high resolution still images. In the lossless coding mode of HEVC, sample- based angular intra prediction (SAP) methods have shown better prediction accuracy compared to the conventional block-based prediction (BP). In this paper, we propose an improved sample-based angular intra prediction (ISAP), which enhances the accuracy of the highly crucial intra prediction within HEVC. The experimental results show that ISAP in lossless compression of still images outclasses archival tools, state-of-the-art image compression standards and other HEVC-based lossless image compression codecs.


HEVC Intra prediction Quadtree decomposition Prediction residual ISAP 


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