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Pointillist video stylization based on particle tracing

  • SangHyun SeoEmail author
  • Victor Ostromoukhov


We present an algorithm that stylizes an input video into a painterly animation without user intervention. In particular, we focus on pointillist animation with stable temporal coherence. Temporal coherence is an important problem in non-photorealistic rendering for videos. To realize pointillist animation, the various characters of pointillism should be considered in painting process to maintain temporal coherence. For this, weused the particle video algorithm which is a new approach to long-range motion estimation in video. Based on this method, we introduce a method to control the density of particles considering the features of frames and importance maps. Finally, the propagation methods of stroke to minimize flickering effects of brush strokes are introduced.


Non-photorealistic rendering and animation Video stylization Pointillist animation Temporal coherence 



This work was supported by the Korea Research Foundation Grant funded by the Korean Government (KRF-2011-357-D00202) and was partly supported by French institutional grant AMCQMCSGA ANR-10-CEXC-002.


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