Evolution of the Fine Structure of High-Strength Magnesium Alloy under the Effect of Deformation Process Parameters

Results of a study of the fine structure of an alloy of the Mg – Zn – Zr – REE system proving the presence of nanosize plates of self-organizing LPSO-phases after deformation are presented. The Zn and Y hardening elements are redistributed in the periodic rows of the LPSO phases under the effect of the deformation process parameters. The optimum deformation mode of the new alloy provides formation of periodic rows in plates of LPSO phases bearing (3.2 – 4.3) at.% Y and (3.8 – 4.2) at.% Zn.

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    We acknowledge the participation of P. N. Medvedev, I. V. Mostyaev, and M. V. Anikin


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The work has been performed within implementation of Scientific Direction 8.4 “High-Strength Corrosion-Resistant Weldable Magnesium Alloys and Castable Aluminum Alloys for New-Generation Articles for Aerospace Engineering” (Strategic Directions of Development of Materials and Processes of their Recycling for up to 2030 [1]).

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Translated from Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov, No. 10, pp. 25 – 33, October, 2020.

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Key words

  • fine structure of magnesium alloy
  • self-organizing LPSO-phases
  • deformation process parameters
  • redistribution of Zn and Y hardening elements