Design of Power Allocation for APSK Non-Coherent Spatial Modulation System


Aiming at solving the problem of performance loss associated with non-coherent spatial modulation (NCSM) differential detection, this paper proposes a novel power allocation concept to the system, and on this basis, it is also proposed to use a new amplitude phase shift keying (APSK) constellation design method. Simulation results show that the proposed novel power allocation APSK non-coherent spatial modulation (NPA-NCSM) achieves better error performance than the corresponding conventional APSK-NCSM system.

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The authors would The authors would gratefully acknowledge the grants from the Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China (no. LY17F010012), Foundation of Zhejiang Provincial Educational Committee (no.Y201840047) ,Open Project Funding of the Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Wave Information Technology and Metrology of Zhejiang Province (No. 2019KF0004),National Students’ platform for innovation and entrepreneurship training program(201810356030).

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  • Non-coherent spatial modulation
  • Amplitude phase shift keying
  • Power allocation