Genome-wide identification and expression analysis of the TaYUCCA gene family in wheat


Auxin is an important endogenous hormone in plants. The YUCCA gene encodes a flavin monooxygenase, which is an important rate-limiting enzyme in the auxin synthesis pathway and involved in the regulation of plant growth and development. In the study, we identified 63 wheat TaYUCCA genes; among them, some genes appeared in clusters. By constructing phylogenetic trees, we found that the TaYUCCA genes could be divided into six groups. In the WheatExp database, there were 22 differential expressed TaYUCCA genes, among which the TaYUCCA10 gene was abundantly expressed in the endosperm and medium milk stage, the TaYUCCA2 gene was abundantly expressed in the roots of three leaves and meiosis and transfer cells at 20 days post anthesis and the others 16 TaYUCCA genes had different expression level at different developmental stages in wheat, and there were 15 TaYUCCA genes induced by drought and heat stress, among which the TaYUCCA2-D, TaYUCCA3-B, and TaYUCCA9-D might be upregulated induced by drought stress, TaYUCCA10.1 might be upregulated induced drought and heat stress, TaYUCCA6-A was upregulated induced both drought and heat stress and the others 9 TaYUCCA genes were downregulated induced by drought and heat stress. Transcriptome and qRT-PCR analysis showed that TaYUCCA7-A was upregulated significantly after induced by powdery mildew. The comprehensive annotation and expression profiling of the TaYUCCA genes in this study enhanced our understanding of TaYUCCA family gene expression in wheat growth and development and laid the foundation for the further study of TaYUCCA gene mechanism.

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We would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their suggestions and comments. All authors thank the raw data, which can be downloaded from the public database. The high credibility protein sequences of wheat (iwgsc_refseqv1.0_HighConf_PROTEIN_2017Mar13). The wheat YUCCA gene and protein sequences were obtained from the IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 assembly ( The expression pattern of the TaYUCCA genes on different stresses and different tissues of wheat including roots, stems, leaves, skips, and grains was from the RNA-Seq data set ( [27-30].


This work was supported by the Grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31771777); Shangdong “Double Tops” Program; and the Overseas Visiting Programme for Gradate Mentors of Shandong Province.

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