Molecular Biology Reports

, Volume 41, Issue 2, pp 1035–1048 | Cite as

Major proteins in goat milk: an updated overview on genetic variability

  • Maria Selvaggi
  • Vito Laudadio
  • Cataldo Dario
  • Vincenzo Tufarelli


Milk and dairy products are very important in Mediterranean diet because of their health promoting and organoleptic properties. In many developing countries, goat rearing has a key role in livestock production. What makes goats so popular is their ability to provide high quality food under diverse climatic conditions and resilience to extreme and capricious environments. In the last years, the interest concerning caprine milk has been increasing also to find a new exploitation for local breeds. To promote the goat dairy products there is a clear need to know the quality and the technological aspects of milk produced. That being so, the purpose of this study was to review the available literature on the major goat milk proteins with a particular attention to recent findings on their genetic variability. Moreover, the main effects of different protein variants on milk yield and composition were also discussed.


Milk Casein Whey protein Dairy goats Polymorphism Genetic variants 


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