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, Volume 38, Issue 8, pp 5179–5183 | Cite as

Single nucleotide polymorphism of CACNA2D1 gene and its association with milk somatic cell score in cattle

  • Zheng Rong Yuan
  • Jiao Li
  • Li Liu
  • Lu Pei Zhang
  • Li Min Zhang
  • Cui Chen
  • Xiao Jie Chen
  • Xue Gao
  • Jun Ya Li
  • Jin Bao Chen
  • Hui Jiang Gao
  • Shang Zhong Xu


The objective of the present study was to identify polymorphisms of the CACNA2D1 gene, and to analyze associations between these polymorphisms and mastitis in several cattle breeds. Through PCR–RFLP methods and DNA sequencing, an allelic variant corresponding to the A→G mutations and Aspartic (Asp) to Glycine (Gly) amino acid replacement at positions 526745 in the exon 25 of bovine CACNA2D1 gene could be detected. Two alleles, A and G, and three genotypes, AA, AG and GG were defined. Genetic character in the studied populations indicated that the A526745G loci of CACNA2D1 gene was moderate polymorphism and fitted with Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium (P > 0.05). The effects of CACNA2D1 polymorphisms on somatic cell score (SCS) were analyzed and significant association was found between A526745G and SCS. The mean of genotype GG was significantly lower than those of genotype AG and AA (P = 0.0469). Information provided in this research could be useful in further studies to determine the role of CACNA2D1 gene in the mastitis resistance.


Cattle CACNA2D1 gene Somatic cell count Somatic cell score Mastitis 



This research was financially supported by the earmarked fund for Modern Agro-industry Technology Research System (No.nycytx-38) and the Eleventh “Five-Year” National Science and Technology Support Project (No. 2006BAD04A16 and No.2007BAD56B04).


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  • Zheng Rong Yuan
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  • Jiao Li
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  • Li Liu
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  • Lu Pei Zhang
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  • Li Min Zhang
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  • Cui Chen
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  • Xiao Jie Chen
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  • Xue Gao
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  • Jun Ya Li
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  • Jin Bao Chen
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  • Hui Jiang Gao
    • 1
  • Shang Zhong Xu
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  1. 1.Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Bovine Breeding, The Key Laboratory for Farm Animal Genetic Resources and Utilization of Ministry of Agriculture of China, Institute of Animal ScienceChinese Academy of Agricultural SciencesBeijingPeople’s Republic of China

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