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Polymorphism of bovine Y-STR UMN0929 and its correlation with carcass traits in five Chinese beef cattle populations

  • Y. P. Xin
  • L. S. Zan
  • Y. H. Wang
  • Y. F. Liu
  • W. Q. Tian
  • Y. Y. Fan


The correlations between Y chromosome polymorphisms and the carcass traits were studied in five Chinese beef cattle populations by PCR, single strand conformation polymorphism and Y-STR sequence analysis. Nine alleles and their frequencies were identified on Y-STR UMN0929 region in Qinchuan (n = 116), Luxi (n = 112), Jinnan (n = 104) pure breeds, Simmental × Qinchuan crossbred (n = 80) and Angus × Qinchuan crossbred (n = 96). The most popular A-176 and B-178 alleles were presented in all 5 cattle populations in the range of 12% (Jinnan) to 66% (Simmental × Qinchuan). The allele I-194 presented Luxi and Angus × Qinchuan. In Qinchun cattle, G-190 and E-186 alleles had bigger effect on BPI (4.23 ± 0.32 and 4.22 ± 0.48 kg/cm, P < 0.01) and CW (325.40 ± 49.42 and 316.73 ± 45.29 kg, P < 0.01), respectively. In Luxi cattle, I-194 allele affected higher BPI (4.08 ± 0.35 kg/cm, P < 0.01) and CW (302.07 ± 17.55 kg, P < 0.01), respectively. In Jinnan cattle breed, H-192 had higher BPI (4.32 ± 0.50 kg/cm, P < 0.05) and CW (327.87 ± 59.37 kg, P < 0.05), respectively. In Simmental × Qinchuan cross breed, C-180 allele affected largely on BPI (5.16 ± 0.25 kg/cm, P < 0.05) and CW (393.16 ± 25.92 kg, P < 0.05). In Angus × Qinchuan cross breed, I-194 had higher BPI (4.43 ± 0.33 kg, P < 0.05) and CW (346.63 ± 29.77 kg, P < 0.05). Correlations between alleles and other carcass traits (net meat weight, top grade weight, slaughter rate, net meat rate, loin-eye muscle area, carcass length, meet tenderness and shear force) were also analyzed using mixed-effect model. Cattle Y-STR UMN0929 loci alleles and its correlation with carcass traits in beef cattle populations could be implemented into the cattle breeding program for choosing beef cattle with better carcass traits.


Beef cattle Y chromosome Gene polymorphism Economic traits Y-STR UMN0929 



Short tandem repeat


Gene diversity


The polymorphic information content



The authors are grateful to Dr. Bin Wu for the critical reading and editing of the manuscript. This study was financially supported by the National “863” Program of China (No. 2006AA10Z1A1, 2008AA101010), MATS-Beef Cattle System.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Y. P. Xin
    • 1
  • L. S. Zan
    • 1
  • Y. H. Wang
    • 2
  • Y. F. Liu
    • 1
  • W. Q. Tian
    • 3
  • Y. Y. Fan
    • 1
  1. 1.The Key Laboratory of National Beef Cattle Improvement Center, College of Animal Science and TechnologyNorthwest A&F UniversityYanglingChina
  2. 2.CSIRO Livestock IndustriesSt LuciaAustralia
  3. 3.Yangling Vocational Technical CollegeYanglingChina

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