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Expression pattern of cellular nucleic acid-binding protein (CNBP) during embryogenesis and spermatogenesis of gibel carp

  • Jing-Xia Liu
  • Yan-Hua Zhai
  • Jian-Fang Gui


By differential screening, we cloned the CagCNBP, demonstrated its predominant expression in ovary and testis, and reported its development behavior during folliculogenesis and oogenesis by immunofluorescence localization (Liu and Gui, Gene 365:181–192, 2005), but its developmental behavior during spermatogenesis and its transcript distribution during embryogenesis are not revealed. In the present study, by in situ hybridization, we analyze CagCNBP expression pattern during gibel carp embryogenesis. The CagCNBP transcripts ubiquitously distributed in all embryonic cells in early developmental stage embryos, and peak in midbrain, hindbrain and somites of gibel carp larva during organogenesis. By antibody detection, we reveal CagCNBP protein distribution change during spermatogenesis. The cell-specific distribution of CagCNBP is revealed by immunofluorescence staining, and predominant CagCNBP expression in testis somatic cells and spermatogonia is demonstrated in this paper. For the first time, the CNBP distribution during spermatogenesis in vertebrate has been revealed.


CNBP Embryogenesis Organogenesis Spermatogenesis Gibel carp 



Cellular nucleic acid-binding protein


Carassius auratus gibelio cellular nucleic acid-binding protein


Carassius auratus gibelio Vasa


Carassius auratus gibelio Apo-14


Carassius auratus gibelio Mdkb


Carassius auratus gibelio Fetuin-B




Open reading frame


Untranslated region


Switch mechanism at the 5′ end of RNA templates


Phosphate saline buffer


Propidium iodide


Tetramethylr-hodamine isothiocyanate


Fluorescein isothiocyanate



This work was supported by grants from the National Major Basic Research Program (2004CB117401).


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  1. 1.State Key Laboratory of Freshwater Ecology and Biotechnology, Wuhan Center for Developmental BiologyInstitute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of SciencesWuhanChina

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