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Detection and transcript expression of S-RNase gene associated with self-incompatibility in apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.)

  • Jianrong Feng
  • Xuesen Chen
  • Yan Wu
  • Wen Liu
  • Qing Liang
  • Lijie Zhang
Research Article


The identity and expression of S-RNase genotypes in the self-compatible (SC) apricot cultivar ‘Katy’ and the self-incompatible (SI) cultivar ‘Xinshiji’ were examined. We used allele specific polymerase chain reaction (AS-PCR) and designated the alleles in ‘Katy’ and ‘Xinshiji’ as S8Sc and S9S10, respectively. The S-RNase gene was expressed in style at the balloon stage in both genotypes. Using real-time fluorescence quantification RT-PCR technology (FQRT-PCR), spatio-temporal expression patterns of S-RNase gene between ‘Katy’ and ‘Xinshiji’ were compared. The results revealed that the expression of the S-RNase gene in ‘Katy’ and ‘Xinshiji’ were different. The transcript abundance was distinctly diverse at the key stage (i.e., at 24 h after self-pollination) in both genotypes, and was greater in ‘Xinshiji’ (SI) than ‘Katy’ (SC). In addition, the abundance of the S-RNase transcript was higher in upper-half of style than in the lower-half of style or in the ovary. In the SI cultivar ‘Xinshiji’, the expression of S-RNase reminded a relatively high level after cross-pollination, but it dropped continuously after self-pollination and un-pollination.


Apricot Self-incompatibility S-RNase gene FQRT-PCR 



After cross-pollination


Allele specific polymerase chain reaction


After self-pollination


Before anthesis


At balloon stage


Fluorescence quantification RT-PCR technology


Reverse transcript-PCR






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  • Jianrong Feng
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  • Xuesen Chen
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  • Yan Wu
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  • Wen Liu
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  • Qing Liang
    • 1
  • Lijie Zhang
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  1. 1.Horticultural Science and Engineering CollegeShandong Agricultural UniversityTaian, ShandongChina
  2. 2.Horticultural DepartmentShihezi UniversityShihezi, XinjiangChina

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