Molecular Diversity

, Volume 20, Issue 1, pp 299–344 | Cite as

Molecular diversity of spirooxindoles. Synthesis and biological activity

  • Tetyana L. Pavlovska
  • Ruslan Gr. Redkin
  • Victoria V. Lipson
  • Dmytro V. Atamanuk
Comprehensive Review


Spirooxindoles are important synthetic targets possessing extended biological activity and drug discovery applications. This review focuses on the various strategies for the enantioselective synthesis of spirocyclic oxindoles relying on reports over the past decade and from earlier work. The spirooxindoles in this review are separated into three structural classes, and then further categorized into the method type from which the spirocycle is generated.


Spiroheterocyclic systems Isatin Oxindoles Multicomponent reactions (MCRs) Cycloadditions Highly functionalised molecules Diversity-oriented synthesis DOS 


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