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Sulfamic acid catalyzed solvent-free synthesis of 10-aryl-7,7-dimethyl-6,7,8,10-tetrahydro-9H-[1,3]-dioxolo [4,5- b]xanthen-9-ones and 12-aryl-9,9-dimethyl-8,9,10,12-tetrahydro-11H-benzo[a]xanthen-11-ones

  • Majid M. Heravi
  • Hamideh Alinejhad
  • Khadijeh Bakhtiari
  • Hossein A. Oskooie
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Three-component one-pot synthesis of some novel 10-aryl-7,7-dimethyl-6,7,8,10-tetrahydro-9H-[1,3]-dioxolo[4,5-b]xanthen-9-ones, which have not been published before, and 12-aryl-9,9-dimethyl-8,9,10,12-tetrahydro-11H-benzo[a]xanthen-11-ones from condensation of 3,4-methylenedioxyphenol or β-naphthol, aldehydes and dimedone under solvent-free conditions at 120 °C is reported.


Sulfamic acid Dioxolo-[4,5-b]xanthene-9-ones Benzo[a]xanthenes Solvent-free reactions 


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  1. 1.Department of Chemistry, School of SciencesAzzahra UniversityTehranIran

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