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Anne Marcovich and Terry Shinn, Toward a New Dimension: Exploring the Nanoscale

Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014
  • Sean F. Johnston
Book Review

As its title hints, the analytical approach of this book maps neatly onto the subject area that it addresses. It is oriented toward the fine structure of scientific research in the microscopic domain. The coverage deals with what the authors describe as investigation of the roles of instrumentation and materials in shaping research at the nanoscale, and epistemological questions relating to ‘form, image, descriptivism and determinism’ (p.1). In so doing, the authors distinguish their work from other themes of recent and contemporary interest, including science policy, the public understanding of science, and its role in post-modern culture.

Toward a New Dimension: Exploring the Nanoscaleargues that, in both form and practice, nanoscale research has characteristics unlike earlier scientific fields. The study consequently suggests continuities and discontinuities with earlier histories, sociologies and philosophies of science. Alternative framings are at the heart of the examination:...

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