Increasing the Accuracy of Coaxial Cable Transmission of Standard Frequency and Time Signals

The accuracy of transmission of standard signals over a long coaxial cable is shown to depend on the temperature differentials in separate segments of the cable. The effects of temperature on the frequency instability of transmitted standard frequency and time signals are estimated in terms of the integral temperature of the cable. A method for increasing the accuracy in transmitting standard signals over a coaxial cable is proposed based on a method for determining the integral temperature of a long cable, a method for compensating the integral temperature of a long coaxial cable, and a method for thermal stabilization using a proportional-integral-differentiating algorithm and a distributed heater.

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Correspondence to A. P. Grunin.

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Translated from Izmeritel’naya Tekhnika, No. 2, pp. 55–59, February, 2020.

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Grunin, A.P., Kalinov, D.G. & Migunov, D.S. Increasing the Accuracy of Coaxial Cable Transmission of Standard Frequency and Time Signals. Meas Tech 63, 135–139 (2020).

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  • transmission of standard signals
  • coaxial cable
  • frequency instability
  • wave impedance
  • temperature compensation
  • thermal stabilization