Investigation of Sorption Coatings of Piezoquartz Resonators to Develop Devices for Monitoring Organic Impurities in Gases

The use of piezoelectric quartz crystal sorption sensors for detecting organic impurities in gases is proposed. The characteristics of various sorption coatings for quartz resonators are studied to investigate the possibility of their further use in the development of instruments for monitoring organic substances in gases. Based on the results, it is proposed to use mixed coatings: films of organosilicate sorbents and liquid chromatographic phases. High-speed instruments for monitoring organic impurities in gases ranging from micro- to macro-concentrations can be created based on such sensors.

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Translated from Izmeritel’naya Tekhnika, No. 4, pp. 67–71, April, 2019.

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Voronova, T.S., Lipnin, Y.A., Mazur, V.G. et al. Investigation of Sorption Coatings of Piezoquartz Resonators to Develop Devices for Monitoring Organic Impurities in Gases. Meas Tech 62, 377–382 (2019).

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  • sorption-frequency method
  • piezoelectric quartz crystal resonator
  • sorption coating
  • sorption isotherm
  • static characteristic
  • sorption capacity
  • limit of detection