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State primary special standard and standard samples for support of the uniformity of measurements of the surface density of coatings

  • V. V. Kazantsev
  • A. S. Vasiliev
Physicochemical Measurements Here we offer our readers a continuation of a selection of articles on the occasion of the UN International Year of Chemistry, u

This is an analysis of the state of and prospects for metrological support in the area of measuring the surface density of coatings based on the state primary special standard GET 168-2010. The basic characteristics of the standard and its components are discussed. The verification procedure based on this standard and regulated by the standards document GOST R 8.612–2005 is described. The role of standard samples of coating surface density and their place in the testing, verification, and calibration of devices for measuring the thickness of coatings and comparisons with the standard is pointed out in order to confirm its measurement and calibration capabilities.


standard surface density of coatings standard samples 


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  1. 1.Ural Research Institute of MetrologyEkaterinburgRussia

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