Measurement Techniques

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A comparative investigation of an ultrasonic nozzle by optical methods

  • S. Ristić
  • M. Pukharić
  • M. Kutin
Mechanical Measurements

A series of experiments in a wind tunnel using optoelectronic instruments has been carried out. Flow in a 2D ultrasonic nozzle was investigated. Experimental results were obtained using three methods – the shadow method, the schlieren method and holographic interferometry, which are compared with the classical method of measuring pressure and the results of numerical calculations.

Key words

shadow method holographic interferometry schlieren method flow visualization measurements under pressure supersonic flow 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.VTIBelgradeRepublic of Serbia
  2. 2.Gosa InstituteBelgradeRepublic of Serbia

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