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The problems and state of measurements

  • M. I. Kiselev

On April 21–25, 2008, the Bauman Moscow State Technical University hosted the 10th All-Russia Conference on “Problems and State of Measurements,” which was dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the Faculty of Machine Industry Technologies. It was attended by representatives of colleges: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Zhukovskii VVIA, MAI and Stankin Moscow State Technical Universities, Goryachkin MGAU, Ural (Ekaterinburg), Orel, Perm, Tula, and Penza State Universities, the Russian Academy for the State Service under the Russian Federation President, the Maimond Classical Academy, the Novomoskowsk Institute of the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Engineering University, Kharkov Electronics National University; and also research institutes in the RAS system: the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mechanics, the Lebedev Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences, the Trapeznikov Institute of Control Problems, the Institute of Psychology, IMASh and the Blagonravov Nizhnii Novgorod branch of IMASh, and IPMASh (St. Petersburg); the Malaya Therapy Institute (Ukraine) and sectoral institutes: the Astrofizika Scientific and Production Association, Snegirev NITI, VNIIMS, NIIizmereniya, Moscow Institute of Expert Evaluation and Testing, LITMAShDETAL’, and the Omskenergoremont OAO PRP.

In this number of the journal and the next one, we present a selection of articles from the conference. We also publish a survey article by the chairman of the organizing committee of the conference, Professor M. I. Kiselev.


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