Measurement Techniques

, Volume 48, Issue 10, pp 978–985 | Cite as

Diffraction Laser-Electronic Fourier Thickness Gage for Monitoring the Thickness of a Large Diameter Lens

  • A. M. Korotkevich
  • V. B. Nemtinov
  • A. N. Subin


The methodology of synthesizing a model for a diffraction laser-optical system for measuring the thickness of large diameter lenses within the framework of engineer-graph procedures for the design, manufacture, and study of a laser-electronic Fourier thickness gage is developed. Nine stages are identified for model synthesis based on successive-parallel sorting of models when considering statement of the problem in designing a laser-electronic Fourier thickness gage. The task of creating a fundamentally new method and provisions for measuring lens thickness is solved by means of an automatic diffraction-geometric-optical method for recording the space-frequency spectrum of the measuring aperture. Schematic analysis is performed and a functional optical scheme is constructed for a two-channel diffraction laser-optical system for measuring lens thickness. A measurement procedure is developed and the Fourier thickness gage developed is studied by experiment.

Key words

lens model synthesis Fourier thickness gage 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. M. Korotkevich
  • V. B. Nemtinov
  • A. N. Subin

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