Measurement Techniques

, Volume 48, Issue 9, pp 843–847 | Cite as

A Parametric Model for a Priori Uncertainty in Coincidence Processing for Resonant Gravitational Antenna Output

  • A. V. Gusev
Fundamental Problems in Metrology


The class of generalized Poisson distributions is proposed for the probabilistic distribution of coincidences in a gravitational wave experiment with a complicated data processing system. Formulas are given for the parameters of these distributions in terms of sample (empirical) estimators for the origin moments of the background coincidences. Optimal and quasioptimal algorithms are considered for observing gravitational pulses from coincidences in the class of such distributions.

Key words

resonant gravitational antennas Poisson distribution complicated data processing system 


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  • A. V. Gusev

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