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Why creationists should learn about evolution

A. Laats and H. Siegel: Teaching evolution in a creation nation. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016, viii+128, Cloth: $60.00, $20.00 PB
  • Graham Oppy
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Adam Laats is a historian with specialisations in American educational history, twentieth-century American history, twentieth-century American religious history, the history of conservatism, and history education. He is the author of Fundamentalism and Education in the Scopes Era: God, Darwin, and the Roots of America’s Culture Wars (2010, Palgrave Macmillan) and The Other School Reformers: Conservative Activism in American Education (2015, Harvard University Press); he also has a terrific blog: I love you but you are going to Hell: awkward conversations about school and society (

Harvey Siegel is a philosopher with specialisations in philosophy of science, epistemology, and philosophy of education. He is the author of Relativism Refuted: A Critique of Contemporary Epistemological Relativism (1987, Reidel), Educating Reason: Rationality, Critical Thinking and Education (1988, Routledge), Rationality Redeemed?: Further Dialogues on an...

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