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Einstein’s Travels

Diana Kormos Buchwald, József Illy, Ze’ev Rosenkranz, Tilman Sauer (eds): The collected papers of Albert Einstein: The Berlin years, writings and correspondence, January 1922–March 1923, Volume 13. Princeton, NJ. Princeton University Press, 2012, 1080pp. $137.50 HB
  • David E. Rowe
Book Review

This massive volume of nearly a thousand pages contains a rich array of assorted documentary evidence, most of which appears here for the first time. Still, the editors had to make a number of difficult choices to whittle the book down to its present size. They chose to publish 415 letters out of a total of 980; the remainder are chronicled in the calendar of abstracts, which appears along with a separate chronology of events. This division of the calendar is employed for the first time in this thirteenth volume. A far more significant innovation, however, concerns the decision to merge writings and correspondence in a single volume. By the early 1920s, the relative dearth of the former compared with the latter would have made this division difficult to maintain. Moreover, some of the writings in the present volume appear in a clearer light when surrounded by informal exchanges that pertain to them. Finally, the abundance of source material from these years made such a shift in...

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