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Entangling and disentangling realism and wave function

Alyssa Ney and David Z. Albert (eds): The wave function. Essays on the metaphysics of quantum mechanics. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2013, 272pp, £64.00 HB
  • Décio Krause
  • Jonas R. B. Arenhart
Essay Review

This is a collection of 10 essays on the general issue of what quantum mechanics is about. As is well known, as an algorithm for making calculations and predictions, quantum mechanics is one of the most successful theories ever. The greatest challenge, however, has always been to explain what the theory is really about, what is going on behind the calculations. One of the answers, obviously, could be that it is simply a mathematical algorithm for predictions, with no requirements for interpretations or any kind of metaphysical underpinning. This is not the view advanced by the papers in this collection. The authors take a realist stance and address the problem from various points of view, in most cases by defending one or another realist interpretation of quantum mechanics.

The essays could also be described as “Variations on a theme by Albert”. Indeed, most papers in this collection are reactions, both positive and negative, to Albert (1996), where he explicitly advocates wave...


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