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Things metaphysics can learn from physics

Tim Maudlin: The metaphysics within physics. New York: Oxford University Press, 2007, 197pp, £17.99 PB
  • Isabelle Drouet
Book Review

The Metaphysics within Physicsis a collection of six papers that were written over a span of 15 years. These papers are preceded by a short introduction and followed by an epilogue, and they deal with various metaphysical questions. The unity of the volume is first of all methodological. Tim Maudlin believes that “the proper object of most metaphysics is the careful analysis of our best scientific theories (and especially of fundamental physical theories) with the goal of determining what they imply about the constitution of the physical world” (104). More importantly, he fruitfully implements this conception throughout the book. All papers also share the following feature: they defend claims that can roughly be characterized as anti-Humean and, more generally, go against widely admitted positions in contemporary metaphysics or philosophy of science. In this review, I will focus on the anti-Humean aspects of Maudlin’s theses—thereby leaving aside some arguments which, albeit...

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