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What is characteristic of Latin American philosophy?

Susana Nuccetelli, Ofelia Schutte, and Otávio Bueno (eds): A companion to Latin American philosophy. Malden, MA, etc.: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010. XIV + 555 pp, £100.00 HB
  • C. Ulises Moulines
Book Review

This volume contains the most extensive exposition of Latin American philosophy to date. I know of no other comparable anthology on the subject in any language. The width of its scope is quite impressive. At least for this reason, and whatever its shortcomings might be (to some of them I’ll come to speak below), it is a welcome collective work.

Forty-two scholars from the United States and some Latin American countries have contributed to it. About two-thirds of them have positions in US-American academic institutions; of the remaining set, ten are Argentines, two work in Brazil, two in Mexico, and one in Spain. There are no contributors from other Latin American countries with a non-negligible philosophical tradition, such as Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, or Venezuela. This imbalance will presumably provoke a certain malaise in those readers who (like me) fulfil the condition of being Latin Americans but who neither work in the United States nor are Argentines. (By way of...

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