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Utopian technocrats and the regulation of biotechnology in Australia

R. Hindmarsh: Edging towards BioUtopia: a new politics of reordering life and the democratic challenge. University of Western Australia Press, Crawley, 2008, xix + 327 pp, AU$34.95 PB
  • Kerry Ross
Book Review

There is a considerable body of literature that examines the regulation of biotechnology from an STS perspective. The more detailed histories, including Susan Wright’s Molecular Politics (1994), Herbert Gottweis’s Governing Molecules (1998), and more recently Sheila Jasanoff’s Designs On Nature (2005) focus on events in the US, the UK or Europe. Richard Hindmarsh’s Edging Towards BioUtopia(2008) expands this scholarship with a case study on the long term development of biotechnology regulation in Australia. It is somewhat surprising that this is the first volume that critically examines the history of regulation in Australia given the government’s long-standing financial, political and institutional support for biotechnology dating back to the 1970s. Perhaps one reason for which this issue has avoided sustained attention to date is that events within Australia are not as prominent on the world stage; none of the dominant biotechnology corporations have their origins in Australia and...

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