Comparative Study of the Effect of Isothermal Exposure on Metastable β-Titanium Alloy Mechanical Properties

A comparative study of chemical composition, structure, and mechanical properties (Rockwell hardness, HRC) is conducted for pseudo-β-titanium alloys for structural purposes (VT47, VT35, Timet LCB) after isothermal ageing over wide ranges of temperature and exposure times. Diagrams are plotted providing summarized hardness values for VT47 and Timet LCB alloys. Dependencies are revealed between hardness of these alloys and their alloying level with β-stabilizing elements as well as features of phase and structural transformations. “Incubation” periods are established for an increase in hardness in the temperature range studied and comparative evaluation of these periods is provided.

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  1. 1.

    [Mo]equ calculated by an equation, wt.%: [Mo]equ = 1.0Mo + 0.67V + 0.44W + 0.28Nb + 0.22Ta + 2.9Fe + 1.6Cr + 1.25Ni + 1.7Mn + 1.7Co.


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  • pseudo-β -titanium alloys
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