, Volume 56, Issue 9–10, pp 708–713 | Cite as

Study of the structure and fluidity of alloy of the Al–Si–Mg system with a different calcium content

  • E. Strihavkova
  • V. Weiss
  • S. Michna

The effect of calcium in an amount of 0.1–1.0% on aluminum alloy modification with the aim of revealing the optimum composition in order to achieve required properties is studied. New aluminum alloys and their production properties (fluidity and processing capacity), chemical properties (corrosion resistance), and also mechanical properties (ultimate breaking strength, ductility, relative elongation, and hardness), are studied. General structural analysis is performed providing identification of individual components and new calcium compounds in aluminum alloy.


alloy Al–Si7–Mg0.3 modification Curry spiral AlCa10 master alloy 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Faculty of Technology and ManagementPurkyn UniversityUstí nad LabemCzech Republic

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