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Mathematical model of the cooling of steel in a small ladle

  • A. G. Belkovskii
  • Ya. L. Kats

A mathematical model is presented to describe the change in the temperature of a molten semifinished product in a small ladle when it is being tapped from an electric-arc steelmaking furnace and transported to a ladle-furnace unit. The model is then used to also describe the change in the temperature of the steel in the pouring ladle and tundish during its casting on a continuous caster.

Key words

change in the temperature of a melt out-of-furnace treatment of steel casting of steel smallcapacity ladle 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Tselikov All-Russia Research, Planning, and Design Institute of Metallurgical Machinery (VNIIMETMASh)8-a Ryazanskii ProspektMoscowRussia

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