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Potential for expanding the raw-materials base of ferrous metallurgy by utilizing brown iron ore

  • A. A. Panychev
Science, Technology, Industry


In connection with the effort now being made to develop a technology for preparing hard-to-concentrate brown iron ore in the Berezovskoe deposit (Chita Region) for metallurgical use, the authors try to demonstrate that such a technology should be based on electromagnetic separation with a high-strength (up to 1600 Oe) field and finishing of the semifinished product by a method that combines blooming and magnetic separation. The authors survey the data on this approach to beneficiating hard-to-concentrate iron ores and explore features of the method. A proposal for efficiently organizing a production facility to realize the technology is offered along with an appraisal of the facility’s potential. Tests of the proposed plan have been conducted under factory conditions at the Orsk-Khalilovo Metallurgical Combine (aka Ural Stal’).


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  • A. A. Panychev
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  1. 1.Ural Stal’ OAORussia

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