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Breaking a Tradition; the 2016 Honoree


In this issue of CMP, we honor Robert A. LeVine, master of psychological anthropology and human development by painting a short picture of his career, one that continues. With Professor LeVine, as with CMP’s past honorees (Margaret Lock, Reneé Fox and Robert Edgerton), the Journal has honored important figures that have retired but remain active. Next year, 2016, CMP will break tradition, though not a tradition de longue durée, and honor a person of inestimable importance to medical anthropology, psychiatric anthropology, global mental health and Asian studies. That person has not retired but, given that it is the 40th anniversary of CMP in 2016, it seems fitting to break with tradition and honor this Journal’s founder, none other than Professor Arthur Kleinman, Professor and former Chair of Anthropology, Professor and former Chair of Social Medicine and of Psychiatry, and Director of the Asia Center at Harvard University. It would seem there is scarcely a better reason to break with the tradition on honorees at CMP than to devote a volume to our own founder whose influence and importance is massive in many fields in social science and medicine. CMP will have additional breaks with tradition in 2016, perhaps starting a tradition of breaking tradition.

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