Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry

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Paul Brodwin: Everyday Ethics: Voices from the Front Line of Community Psychiatry

University of California Press, Berkeley, 2013
  • Jessica Cooper
Book Review

In Everyday Ethics: Voices from the Front Line of Community Psychiatry(2013), anthropologist Paul Brodwin examines the practices, logics, and warrants that sustain the system of community psychiatry in the United States. Since the psychiatric deinstitutionalization movement of the 1960s, increased pressure has been placed on community resources to manage mental illness. However, consistently increasing responsibility has been met with consistently decreasing resources, such that community health case managers and social workers are structurally unable to meet the demands placed upon them. Case managers find themselves at the bottom of a hierarchical heap dominated by biomedicine and psychiatrists, without much prestige but with heavy responsibility. Moreover, case managers are caught in an ethical web in which they are they are instructed to act coercively, to induce their clients to behave in particular ways, but in the humanitarian name of health and self-sufficiency. How do case...

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