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Three dimensional static and free vibration analysis of cross-ply laminated plate bonded with piezoelectric layers using differential quadrature method

  • M. Feri
  • A. Alibeigloo
  • A. A. Pasha Zanoosi


This paper illustrates static and free vibration analysis of a cross-ply laminated composite plate embedded in piezoelectric layers based on three dimensional theory of elasticity. In this approach, a semi-analytical solution is presented for the hybrid plate with arbitrary boundary condition. For analysis a differential quadrature method (DQM) is used in two directions and state space method is employed along the thickness direction. The method is validated by comparing numerical results with the one obtained in the literature and also the results of DQM are compared with the results of analytical solution obtained by Fourier series solution. In parametric study, the effect of boundary condition, mechanical load, electric voltage, length to thickness ratio and piezoelectric thickness on both vibration and static behavior of plate are investigated.


Static Free vibration Three dimensional Laminated Piezoelectric DQM 

List of symbols

a, b, h

Plate dimensions in x, y and z directions

\( C_{ij} \,\left( {{\text{i}},{\text{j}} = 1,2, \ldots ,6} \right) \)

Material elastic constants

\( D_{x} ,{\text{D}}_{\text{y}} \,{\text{and}}\,{\text{D}}_{\text{z}} \)

Electric displacement components

\( E_{x} ,{\text{E}}_{\text{y}} \,{\text{and}}\,{\text{E}}_{\text{z}} \, \)

Electric field components


Young’s modulus composite along the y-direction

\( \eta_{i} \,\left( {i = 1,2,3} \right) \)

Dielectric constants


Density of sensor, actuator and composite layers

\( \sigma_{i} (i = x,y,z) \)

Normal stresses


Shear stresses


Piezoelectric constant


Applied electric voltage

\( {{\updelta}} \)

State vector

hc, hp

Thicknesses of the composite and piezoelectric layers


Displacements in the x-, y- and z-direction, respectively


Shear strains

\( {{\upvarepsilon}}_{i} \,(i = x,y,z) \)

Normal strains

\( \omega \)


\( {{\updelta}}_{c} \), \( {{\updelta}}_{p} \)

State vectors of the elastic and piezoelectric layers


Electric voltage


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Mechanical Engineering DepartmentBu Ali Sina UniversityHamedanIran
  2. 2.Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of EngineeringTarbiat Modares UniversityTehranIran
  3. 3.Faculty of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, Qazvin BranchIslamic Azad UniversityQazvinIran

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