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MHD forced convection boundary layer flow with a flat plate and porous substrate

  • Santosh Chaudhary
  • Pradeep Kumar


The flow and heat transfer for an electrically conducting fluid with a porous substrate and a flat plate under the influence of magnetic field is considered. The magnetic field is assumed to be uniform and also along normal to the surface. The momentum and energy equations are transformed to ordinary differential equations by using suitable similarity transformation and are solved by standard techniques. But the energy equation is solved by considering two boundary layers, one in the porous substrate and the other above the porous substrate. Numerical results are presented through graphs with various values of magnetic parameter for both velocity and thermal boundary layers along with Nusselt number and for various values of Prandtl number and Eckert number in thermal boundary layer.


MHD Forced convection Boundary layer flow Porous substrate 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of MathematicsMalaviya National Institute of TechnologyJaipurIndia

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