Metabolic Brain Disease

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  • David W. McCandless


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This issue ends my tenure as Editor-in-Chief of Metabolic Brain Disease. I have enjoyed serving the journal, and seeing an increase in interest in the metabolic encephalopathies. They are unique in their important feature of being potentially reversible if diagnosed early and treated aggressively. I have enjoyed important input from all board members over the years, and am deeply appreciative to their loyal service to our journal. I have especially benefited from the wisdom and efficiency of Ms. Ann Avouris, Senior Editor at Springer Science and Business media, who has shepherded our journal through many volumes at Springer. Ann is highly responsive and can solve any problem. The Managing Editor, Vilmary Friederichs has been a loyal member and advocate of Metabolic Brain Disease for over a dozen years. She has a special way of handling authors and reviewers worldwide with efficiency and aplomb. Her help and sound advice has been instrumental in the success of Metabolic Brain Disease.

I want to take this opportunity to welcome the next Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Gregory W. Konat. Dr. Konat is a very successful neurochemist and neuroscientist, highly regarded internationally. Dr. Konat received a Ph.D./L.Med. at the University of South Denmark, School of Medicine, then served on faculties of medicine a the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Neurochemical Institute, Copenhagen, University of Texas, Houston, Department of Neurology, Medical University of South Carolina, and Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, West Virginia University. He is well funded by NIH, and serves on three study sections. He has published over 100 papers. Dr. Konat’s initial research interests centered on central nervous system myelination and myelin disorders. In particular, his endeavors involved studies of the assembly of myelin membrane, the regulation of myelin gene expression, as well as the pathochemistry and immunology of multiple sclerosis. His current emphasis has shifted towards inflammatory mechanisms in the central system, especially oxidative damage and innate immune responses of glial cells.

We all wish Dr. Greg Konat every success as Editor-in-Chief for Metabolic Brain Disease, and all can be assured he will advance the reputation of our journal.

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