Assessment of Shock Models for a Particular Class of Intershock Time Distributions


In this paper, delta and extreme shock models and a mixed shock model which combines delta-shock and extreme shock models are studied. In particular, the interarrival times between successive shocks are assumed to belong to a class of matrix-exponential distributions which is larger than the class of phase-type distributions. The Laplace -Stieltjes transforms of the systems’ lifetimes are obtained in a matrix form. Survival functions of the systems are approximated based on the Laplace-Stieltjes transforms. The results are applied for the reliability evaluation of a certain repairable system consisting of two components.

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The authors thank the anonymous referees for their helpful comments and suggestions, which were very useful in improving the paper.

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Kus, C., Tuncel, A. & Eryilmaz, S. Assessment of Shock Models for a Particular Class of Intershock Time Distributions. Methodol Comput Appl Probab (2021).

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  • Matrix-exponential distribution
  • Reliability
  • Repairable system
  • Shock model

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

  • Primary: 62N05 Secondary: 62E15