Continental Philosophy Review

, Volume 48, Issue 3, pp 383–389 | Cite as

Michael Staudigl (ed.): Phenomenologies of Violence

Brill (Studies in Contemporary Phenomenology: 9), Leiden & Boston, 2014, 262 pp, hardback, US $133, ISBN: 978-90-04-25973-7
  • Christopher Yates

One of the signature features of phenomenological methodology is the sustained conceptual self-awareness that runs like a coefficient through its the modes of inquiry. When the given matter is of especially urgent concern and extensive scope—as in the problem of violence—this concentration is felt in still more acute ways. It is not enough to simply offer empirical, moral, or ideological cases for apprehending the issue’s particular profiles; we must also learn to take the measure of our interpretive frameworks and distinctions. Such a necessity proves paramount to understanding the depth, complexity, and subtlety of violence as a problem that so often manifests at the intersection of apparent ‘senselessness’ and constitutive ‘sense-making.’

Michael Staudigl develops this point in detail in his hefty Introduction to this volume: “Topics, Problems, and Potentials of a Phenomenological Analysis of Violence.” He offers an ambitious overview of ideas in recent violence studies, a primer on...

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